Catamaran Yacht Charters
2015 & 2016 winner Trip Advisor Award of Excellence
Sailacat offers Private Yacht Charters in Sag Harbor and Bahamas, combining a love of catamaran sailing with a passion for adventure. Come Sail Away in style, luxury and elegance , aboard a state of the art Sailing Catamaran, fully customized for your comfort. Professional crew looks after you, sharing decades of hospitality and nautical experience in a warm inviting atmosphere aboard. Our charter vessel offers both full shade and full sun options onboard, as well as complete facilities. Her exceptional design enhances guests sense of enjoyment, relaxation, and complete ease aboard. The Spacious Ocean going Cat is wide, stable and roomy. She doesn't heel over when sailing, making her an ideal choice for those with little or no experience on the water. Seasoned salts will appreciate her stream line design, performance and applied marine technologies.  
         The protected bays Sailacat cruises upon offer ideal conditions for all ages, ensuring everyone onboard will enjoy the experience . We often host all 3 generations at once , on family sails and it is always a magical, memorable, time for all. Sharing these special moments with you is a privilege and honor we joyfully embrace. 
                                    Sailacat Charters are lifetime events-
                                Ideal for special 
occasions with loved ones.

        Our offerings are consistently top rated, with each charter personally designed to suit.  We hope you'll join the "Sailabration" that is the heart of every Sailacat Charter. 
      We invite you to sail with us in world class locations, exploring the crystal clear waters of the tropics during Winter in Bahamas, and the magical bays of the Hamptons , all Summer long , from beautiful downtown Sag Harbor. I love sharing the rich history and beauty of my hometown waters with our guests. 
         Come rejuvenate your spirit and soothe your soul on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, pristine cays and tropical out islands. It's always summer somewhere, and that's where we try to be. Join us in the sun. 
                                                It's all about the Serenity.
                                 * Board as guests; leave cherished friends.
Sailacat phone: 631 682 8288

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